Thinley Namgay

Amid growing apprehension about Covid-19, Bhutanese of all walks of life have come forward to make their contributions – some in cash and others in kind.

Within days of the first Covid-19 positive case on March 5, contributions started pouring despite the government saying it was not calling for any budget support.

Samtse Dzongkhag Tshogdu became the first dzongkhag tshogdu to contribute Nu 151,000 to His Majesty’s Kidu Fund for Covid-19 yesterday.

Bhutan Cricket contributed USD 10,000 to the fund in response to support and fight against Covid 19 yesterday. 

Retired Armed Force Officer Association of Bhutan contributed Nu 600,000 to the fund.

Different religious groups made their contributions. Padmacholing Religious Association contributed Nu 1 million to the office of the Prime Minister on April 1.

The 2020 Bhutan Super League champions, High Quality United FC donated Nu 150,000 to the Covid-19 fund the same day.

The 8-Eleven Supermarket donated Nu 600,000 to the Prime Minister’s office. The Bank of Bhutan Gedu branch donated Nu 543,427 to the office of vice chancellor on March 25. The amount was deducted from the staff’s salary and donation.

Traders of Gelephu also contributed to the Covid-19 response account on April 1. Dugar grocery contributed Nu 111,111.1, Gewar Chand cloth shop and grocery shop donated Nu 90,000 each. Moreover, Deki grocery shop contributed Nu 50,051, Gakey Tshongkhang Nu 50,000, and Ladon Tshongkhang gave Nu 50,000.

Drongseb Yargay Detsen from Doonglagang gewog under Tsirang contributed 1,000kg of various vegetables to the government yesterday.

“As we remain grateful to everyone helping to combat Covid-19, this contribution is a small gesture in appreciation and support to the government,” a member of the 16-farmer group said.

The World Food Programme has donated two mobile storage units in support of the government’s Covid-19 preparedness and response. The facility will be used to help authorities preposition food to meet the needs of half the population for three months.

The storage units, with a capacity of 500MT each and worth a total of USD 45,000 were part of a technical assistance package provided to the government as the country faces an imminent emergency due to the pandemic.

The Khenrig Namsum community-based scouts in Tingtibi, Zhemgang contributed Nu 15,000 to the government for Covid-19 relief on April 1.