HEALTH AND FITNESS: I have high blood pressure. What type of exercise do you suggest to control it?

-Pema Dorji

There is no particular type of exercise to tackle high blood pressure, any form of physical movement is beneficial.

There can be many factors that may cause or increase chances of hypertension (high blood pressure).

1. The risk of developing high blood pressure increases as you get older, a natural human decline.

2. If you hail from a family history of high blood pressure, your chances are very high of inheriting it.

3. Being of African or Caribbean origin

4. A high amount of salt (sodium) in your food could exasperate your hypertension.

5. Lack of exercise or not exercising sufficiently and consistently can lead to many lifestyle disease including hypertension.

6. Being overweight or obese is detrimental to almost every aspect if healthy living.

7. Smoking! Need I say more?

8. Drinking large amounts of alcohol.

As you can now understand more clearly, just exercise will not correct your current health condition, it needs a holistic approach and embracing a lifestyle change is paramount!

Tip of the week:

“Life style change should be your core strategy to curb or defeat hypertension”

This is how I would like you to approach it: 

1. Live a life devoid of smoking, alcohol and any medication that is not prescribed by a doctor.

2. Choose a physical exercise or sport you love and enjoy doing, do it three times a week for about an hour each, it’s rather the consistency of doing exercise than the choice of exercise that will ensure you defeat your lifestyle disease.

3. Make a conscious effort to reduce not eliminate salt from your food, Bhutanese curries in general are very high in sodium and saturated fat, which are extremely detrimental to your health and high blood pressure.

4. Reducing your carbohydrate (rice, bread, zaw, khabsay and noodle among others) by half your regular amount, and replacing that portion with a variety of fresh vegetable will help you clean your system, burn body fat and revitalise your over all health.

5. Drink plenty of water, I would recommend at least three litres of water spread through out the day, without water our body cannot optimally function, and it’s only through water the our bodies can detoxify and clear all the poisonous substance we have directly or indirectly ingested.

Tshering Dorji (three times Mr Bhutan winner), is a certified fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition


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