EGGS: Tsirang poultry cooperative (TPC) has decided to not supply eggs to the youth business cooperative (YBC) in Thimphu because of some the latter’s failure to abide by the agreement.

A TPC accountant, Juma Kanta, said that, in an agreement drawn between YBC and TPC, it was clearly stated that TPC would sell eggs at Nu 250 a tray, and YBC should sell at Nu 260 from their out let in Thimphu.  It has been found that YBC was selling eggs at Nu 280 a tray.

“Our main aim is to control the soaring price of eggs in the country, so that people can afford. If YBC sells at a higher price than agreed, there’s no point trying to control the price and transporting to Thimphu,’ said Juma Kanta.

The farmers prefer to sell eggs in Thimphu and Wangdue, as it is not profitable to sell to the cooperative.

“It is by far cheaper for us to sell eggs to people who come to collect the eggs,” said a farmer.

YBC’s chairman, Yeshey, said that it was true that they had been selling eggs at Nu 280 a tray, and that was because of the overhead and operational cost that the cooperative had to bear.

“We sell the eggs at Nu 280 a tray, which is still lower than market price,” said Yeshey, adding that youth employment is the cooperative’s main focus rather than making profit.

The cooperative has employed 30 youth.

“We couldn’t stick to the agreement, but TPC too has failed to supply 280 trays of eggs a week, as per the agreement,” said Yeshey. “We have no problem with TPC not supplying its eggs as we get eggs from Sarpang, and soon, we a’re going to come up with our own poultry farm.”

TPC has supplied 815 cartons of eggs to YBC so far.


By Yeshey Dema,Tsirang