The National Council will present its review report on Government to Citizen services (G2C) in the upcoming session of the house that begins from November 16.

Council’s ad hoc committee met on November 2 to discuss their assessment on access and use of G2C services.

It was found that firewood permit, CID renewal, security clearance, trade license renewal, household information and birth registration were the most availed services.

However, one of the findings stated that about 28 percent of the respondents were not aware of G2C services and 49 percent have availed G2C services. Most respondents have heard of G2C services through advertisement and community centres (CC). Renewal of CID cards and rural timber were accessed mostly through offline mode compared to other services, and scored low satisfactory rating.

The survey covered 100 gewogs randomly selected, 20 thromdes and the CCs.

At a press conference yesterday, the deputy chairperson, Tshering Dorji said that the Council has also conducted a policy review on providing legal aid to indigent person, which will be presented to the house during this session.

As a follow up to the resolution of the last session, a review on mines and mineral management will also be discussed. The deputy chairperson said that the house has received the responses from government agencies, which will be tabled during the session.

The house would also follow-up on the review of culture and heritage policy.

Legislative issues, including Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Bill 2017, Information, Communications & Media Bill 2016 and Audit Bill of Bhutan 2017 will be tabled in this session.

The house is also expected to ratify a multilateral agreement for the establishment of an international think tank for landlocked countries.

The committees of the National Council have been conducting various stakeholders meetings after its’ last session in preparation for the 20th session. “In the last three months, the committees have also presented their findings and reports to the plenary session on several meetings updating the house on their progress,” Tshering Dorji said.

Another plenary session will be held today to finalise the reports of the committee. A total of 55 plenary sessions and committee meetings have been conducted during this National Council’s tenure.

 Tshering Dorji