The Punakha dzongkhag court convicted a 28-year-old driver of a travel agency of larceny and sentenced him to two months in prison on May 27.

The convict, from Mongar, had stolen a total of INR 13,750 from the bags of three Indian tourists that were kept in the car while visiting the Punakha Dzong.

The incident is believed to have occurred around 2pm on May 13.

After the theft, the convict went missing, ignoring multiple calls from the guide.

The guide and tourists were left stranded as the driver failed to pick them up for sightseeing.

The travel agency refunded the stolen amount to the tourists.

The guide reported the incident to Punakha police. After his arrest, the convict confessed to committing the crime.

However, because the convict already served 13 days in detention, he can opt to pay money in lieu of imprisonment.