Neten Dorji | Wamrong

The defendants in the Wamrong battery case submitted their rebuttals along with depositions detailing out the chain of events that transpired on the evening of April 26 during the rebuttal hearing held yesterday.

The legal representative of Sonam Peldon submitted that the police have not charged the two witnesses and Wamrong drangpon, husband of Tshering Yangki who allegedly battered her, for failure to report the crime.

“The drangpon has to be charged for tampering with evidence as he has deleted a video from the mobile phone of the victim. The police have not investigated in keeping with the law,” the legal representative submitted.

Acting upon the request, the Prosecutor and legal representative said that the accused Tshering Yangki be ordered to pay compensatory damages to Sonam Peldon.

Then, the Court asked the Prosecutor to be specific of the relief sought under sections 39 and 42 of the Penal Code 2004.

Thrimshing police representing Wamrong police submitted that there is no clear evidence on how the fight between the wife of Drangpon and Sonam Peldon began.

“As per the statements from Tshering Yangki and a witness, the fight began after Sonam Peldon’s son asked Tshering Yangki if there was any problem and who were she,” the prosecutor submitted. “What witness heard and statements submitted by Tshering Yangki were similar. So we conclude that the fight began from that point.”

The prosecutor submitted that they couldn’t agree with the version of facts submitted by Sonam Peldon as it does not have any corroborative evidence.

The rebuttal hearing will continue today.