Courts hereafter will not conduct any non-judicial works. This was decided at the first day of the annual judicial conference that is underway.

Chukha dzongkhag drangpon Gembo Trashi said that the courts were facing acute shortage of employees. The limited number of staff are burdened with works like issuing attestation letters to relatives of a deceased person to withdraw money from a bank account or claim the person’s retirement benefits.

Attending to such tasks consumes a lot of time that could otherwise be devoted to settling cases.

Supreme Court Registrar General Tshering Dorji said that while discussing the matter with the financial institutions, it was not clear why the courts have to issue such attestation letters.

He said that during the meeting, he had informed the heads of the financial institutions that the Supreme Court will convey decision on the matter from the conference.

Drangpons from other dzongkhags said that they do not see the reason to continue this practice.

They said that while the financial institutions do not involve or consult the courts when taking the money from the people, likewise there is no reason to involve the courts when problems arise.

Some said this practice could have been in place because of some of the laws on financial matters.

Supreme Court Justice Rinzi Peljore asked if the matter should be consulted with the financial institutions before deciding. All drangpons unanimously decided not to entertain non-judicial matters hereafter in their courts.

Staff Reporter