Staff reporter 

Given the dire need for funds to sustain measures against Covid-19, individuals and institutions made voluntary donations for the cause every day.

Employees of Tashi Bank donated over Nu 2.7 million (M) to His Majesty’s Kidu Fund for Covid-19, another Nu 1.156M to the Prime Minister, and deposited Nu 340,797 including contributions from its customers to the Covid-19 account in the Bank of Bhutan.

An Indian Construction Company, Jaiprakash Associates contributed Nu 10M to His Majesty’s Kidu Fund for Covid-19.

Thimphu based Chha Ree Tiles proprietor, Pema Thinley also handed a cheque of Nu 300,000 to the Prime Minister. A group of College of Natural Resources students contributed more than Nu 125,000 to the Covid-19 response fund.

A group of 22 households in Bamengang village of Dophuchen, Samtse contributed 15.5kg of butter, 130 balls of cheese, and 1,005 bundles of nakey (fern) to the Covid-19 cause in Phuentsholing. Three men from the village drove to Phuentsholing to deliver the local products.

Every day the government spends Nu 3.2 million just for food for those in quarantine centres excluding other services and costs. Currently, there are over 3,200 people in the quarantine facility.