Jigme Wangchuk

At a time when many countries are battling the rapid escalation of Covid-19 positive cases China, from where the pandemic began, is witnessing an encouraging recovery rate.

For the first time after Covid-19 outbreak, China yesterday saw not a single local infection.

Scare is spreading. But why the disease is gaining the upper hand, especially in the countries that are now responding with high alert, is because of lack of cooperation from their citizens.

The same danger is coming to Bhutan.

 We have repeatedly intercepted people who have not been honest with their travel history. One way, what this indicates is that Bhutan is vigilant and will go extra mile to keep its citizens safe. The other way, irresponsible people are bringing the threat of the disease closer to home.

At such times, the role the media is playing is important. Social media leaders are increasingly realising what could happen if they choose to not act. Twitter, for example,  has put in place measures to stop messages that could potentially bring the people closer to risk.

Here is the global perspective.

Iran’s death toll from coronavirus has risen to 1,284. The country is the worst effected in the Middle East today. France has begun advising people to abstain from hugging their love ones and, Italy’s virus death toll has come closer to China’s as outbreak spreads.

The Philippines has declared a month-long lockdown and thousands are leaving the country. But as the Dutch PM put it, hygiene and sanitation are the best ways still to keep the Covid-19 at bay.

Health experts say that Covid-19 is winning because nations and people are not doing enough. Asia is big. Half of it is now able to keep the pandemic at the distance. But the efforts could fail.


Where is Bhutan and Covid-19 together?

Bhutan does not have Covid-19 case. Travellers are being quarantined. Many are making it open and, more importantly, they want to self-quarantine for the health of the citizens at large. Those who are put on quarantine are doing their best to educate the people.

But there are also those who will put the whole nation at risk. 

Yesterday, eight Bhutanese were found to have been untruthful with their travel history. And then two women did the same. Put together the country has so far intercepted 12 such cases.

There is a serious challenge for the nation today. 

Vigilance is the only option.

 The countries that are succeeding today say that there is no better preparedness than strict and uncompromising vigilance.

How Bhutan is fighting the pandemic will depend largely on the behaviours of its citizens.