2:51: The international quarantine period is 14 days. But the national technical advisory committee will come out with a decision on whether the period is enough: health minister.



2:44:Health personnel stretched thin that is why BAFRA staff have been asked to help in disinfecting all the goods entering the country, hotel rooms, and vehicles ferrying people to quarantine centres.



2:30:The country has enough international standard testing kits to conduct about 6,000 tests. Request for more kits has been put to the World Health Organisation.



2:27: Regular health care services would be prioritised should the country enter into the RED zone. Certain cosmetic health care or services would not be offered.

The country has enough medicine stock to last 9 months.



2:25: 600 Desuups trained in Covid-19 screening, the ministry targets 5,000 Desuups.

Health ministry preparing 113 certified counsellors and 6 clinical counsellors to attend to those in quarantine centres.

24 of 48 doctors on training abroad have returned to the country and are currently in quarantine. The ministry has also compiled a list of retired doctors and health personnel too, should there be need for additional human resource.



2:17: Hongkong tourist who visited Bhutan had tested positive. He began showing flu-like symptoms on March 19. His wife said that he was still healthy when he left Bhutan.

Health ministry is tracing his contacts in Bhutan despite there being a very low risk of him being infected while he was in the country.

Samples from his driver and guide tested negative. Both are in quarantine.