2:29 Health Minister on lockdown: If everything stops, essential services to patients and public services would be affected. If everyone practices physical distancing and takes care at the individual level then lockdown would be out of the question. Everyone has to shoulder responsibility.


2:23 The 33 patients in Vellore and 55 patients who are undergoing medical treatment and their attendants have been asked to adhere to strict personal hygiene. Given the difficult circumstances, their allowances have been increased and dispatched: Health Minister.



2:15 Health minister says the third Covid-19 positive patient who is a student arrived on March 22 and started having mild fever and cough yesterday. She was then removed from her the quarantine centre and isolated. A confirmatory test was done which also came positive.

She is still in stable condition and has not shown any more symptoms.

The minister says all flight attendants and crew, and those who have been in contact with her have been traced.

Unless people show symptoms, testing liberally would be expensive and result in huge pressure on the already scarce resources, the minister said.