Those traveling from Phuentsholing to Samdrupjongkhar or vice versa via India need not be quarantined: Health minister.



WHO guidelines require home quarantine but we are taking stricter measures and quarantining everyone in the government quarantine centres and not taking any chances: health minister. “That is my goal as the health minister and I’m not even worried about the costs.”


Health Minister Dechen Wangmo



Bhutan has been very proactive and cautious so we have already conducted two rounds of tests which is unprecedented and much better than the measures in place across the world: health minister.



Other countries are not testing people quarantined for COVID-19 unless they are symptomatic. Here, as a preventive measure, we test people: Health Minister.



The ministry spends Nu 1,000 a day for food of each quarantined person in the quarantine centres. The govt has provided enough budget for the centres and it is also seeking foreign support to sustain the centres: health minister.



There is no COVID-19 positive case in the country except for the American tourist who has left the country: Health minister.



Enhancing testing to ensure early detection. The health ministry has set up a testing center in Phuentsholing and another centre would soon be opened in Mongar: Health minister.



SOP to counter this disease is being changed regularly to keep up with the developments around the world so that the measures are effective: health minister.



Preventing this virus from entering Bhutan is the responsibility of each Bhutanese: Health Minister.



If those entering Bhutan are not honest with their travel history then they risk spreading the virus to their loved ones and the communities around them which may even cost lives: health minister.




Groups of doctors leaving soon to districts to assess preparedness and a pool of five doctors identified who are equipped with latest developments in treatment of the disease: health minister.




Mongar regional hospital and JDWNRH will provide intensive care to those vulnerable to COVID-19 infection: Health minister.




“Quarantine made mandatory as most of those asked to remain in quarantine did not strictly adhere to the requirements. So it is made compulsory from today and all those under quarantine will be placed in quarantine centres and monitored by health ministry. Exceptions will be made to minors”, health minister said.




85 currently in quarantine facilities and 244 quarantined at home: Health Minister.

250 tested so far and of that 6 tested yesterday.