Crabmeat  80gms

Rum 60ml

Star anise  few pieces

Water melon 30gms

Mango 30gm

Green Apple 80gms

Lemon Grass powder a pinch

Vanilla Ice-cream  1 scoop

Dry Red Chilly  A pinch

Lemon Juice 20ml

Salt and pepper to taste

Olive oil 10ml

Spring Onion 30gm

Red Cabbage 30 gm

Baby Herbs to garnish


Take out the crabmeat, remove bones if any. Drain the juices and keep it aside

Season the crab meat with salt, olive oil, dry red chili, pepper and lemon juice, pinch of lemon grass powder and star anise. Add the rum

Mix the vanilla ice-cream with lemon juice to a consistency of milk shake

Mould the crabmeat using a cutter. Place in a serving plate. Put the milk shake in a shot glass and decorate with the herbs

Make Chutney using the green apple: Peel the apple and cut it into small cubes. Put it in pan in a slow heat. Add butter and season it. Let it cool before crushing it using a folk. Keep it aside

Arrange the moulded crabmeat and the milk shake on a starter plate. Decorate with baby herbs, apple chutney, red cabbage and spring onion; and small cubes of mangoes and watermelon as seen in picture