Crack Jacks recorded an easy victory over Zilukha Falcons 75-41 at the ongoing basketball Pepsi B-league in Thimphu yesterday. The team has two more final league matches to play before entering the quarterfinals undefeated.

The young team outplayed Zilukha Falcons with their pace, and composure. Crack Jacks’ sixth straight win came at the humiliation of Zilukha Falcons.

Crack Jacks’ Tempa Tshering secured the highest assists and steals. He had also won the highest rebound in the playoff against Wolf Packs in an earlier match. But the title in this match went to Crack Jacks’ team captain Jigme Phuntsho.

The captain claimed that his side was the strongest youth team in the competition. The team won the runners-up title of Gyalsey Cup and made it to the semifinals in the Coronation Cup.

“The game was easy and we were confident to win from the beginning. We played together for a long time and we know each other well in the court. This proved us strong,” Jigme Phuntsho said. “We expect to reach the finals. The match against Delinquents would be the toughest.”

Crack Jacks’ Karma Y Dorji made to the starting five in the past two games after some members left “It was difficult to play with confidence at first. In the second game, I could earn some points,” he said.

The team’s next matches are against Apa Tshewang and Vanguards.

Meanwhile, Tandin Penjor of Zilukha Falcons scored 24 points for his side bagging the highest score in the game.

In the other game, a match between the two struggling teams of Pool B, Doros and Purgers played an equally contested game until the third quarter.

Doros took over Purgers with the slight lead 15-8 in the first quarter and continued to lead with four more baskets in the second quarter.

Purgers lost the chase by the third quarter. Doros scored the maximum of 21 points and Purgers managed only five points. The third quarter ended 24-40.

Purgers came strong in the final quarter.  Sonam Drukpa played hard for the comeback and stopped the opponents from scoring while he pressured Doros with swift counters. He won the highest score of 20 points in the game.

While the game intensified with Purgers fighting harder, the team made the best use of timeouts by taking two breaks in the final quarter to help the players regain their strength.

However, in the end Doros beat Purgers 53-42. Doros had suffered a slim loss to Drukpas 41-47 in the previous game.

With the league round nearing quarterfinals, both Doros and Purgers have a slight chance to enter the next round.

Sonam Drukpa of Purgers said that his side played a better game. “We lost to Glaciers by 16 points in the previous game and by 11 points today. It was a good game and we hope to win the next game.”

He added that the team was finished by the third quarter. “We could not complete most of our passes and shots. We missed out one starting player too. The opponent who were tall played a physical match.”

The team suffered fourth lost in the league and has won two matches to date.

The third match between Torjans and Calibers was a walk over and the game was decided in favour of Torjans. This helped Torjans secured second straight win after it defeated Zoras 49-41 in the previous playoff.

Ravens won the next match against Zhoems as the match was a walkover too as the opponents failed to turn up on time. The decision helped Ravens recover its loss to MoH in the previous game.