Trashiyangtse is a home for the black-necked cranes. Every winter, the birds roost in the paddy fields of Boomdeling and in the fields above the small Yangtse town.

The winter habitat provides a safe sanctuary for the migratory birds. Yangtsips love the bird that is protected by law. On Saturday, the love for the cranes (Druk Phuensum Tshgpa) became evident once again.

DPT swept both the constituencies, which had been the party’s stronghold like the paddy fields provide safe sanctuary for the black-necked cranes. In the primary round on September 15, DPT won 29 percent of the total vote cast. The next party, Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa won 17 percent followed by People’s Democratic Party with 15 percent and Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party with four percent. DPT secured 5,443 votes, 2,701 from theBoomdeling – Jamkhar constituency and 2,742 in Khamdang – Ramjar.

In 2013, people of Khamdang – Ramjar constituency voted for PDP. Voters say the loss could be because of lack of attention from the previous candidate. On why DNT came second, voters said that some could have voted for a new party, as they wanted change. “The party president and the focus on narrowing the gap between rich and poor appealed to some,” said a voter.

Voters attribute BKP’s huge loss to the party’s lack of strong party workers and for being the new party this year. “Having joined the political fray late and without strong party workers, the party is not familiar with the people,” said an elderly voter.

A voter in Khamdang, Nima Lhamo said that DPT secured more votes in Khamdang – Ramjar because Khamdang is largest Gewog in the dzongkhag and most people supported DPT.

Some voters reason that changing candidates had led to PDP’ defeat in Boomdeling. “There had been no development activities too,’ said a voter.

Meanwhile, people in Yangtse are already thinking about the general round. Ugyen Dorji, 53, a resident of Doksum, said it is difficult to predict who will form the new government. ‘‘All candidates with the two parties are capable. It will be a close call even if Yangtse is a DPT stronghold,” he said.

Neten Dorji | Doksum