RBP: Some 35 police personnel including superintendents of police with various divisions and the director of the police training institute are attending the annual week-long conference in Serbithang, Thimphu, that began yesterday.

Matters relating to policing, prudent anticipation, response and prosecution including security and administration, among others, will be discussed during the annual conference for the police superintendents.

Police chief Colonel Chimi Dorji, during the opening of the conference said that the number of arrests, the number of transport infringement notices (TIN) issued or the response times to non-emergency calls would not measure the success of the Royal Bhutan Police.

“Our measures of success will be the prevention and reduction of crime, fear and disorder in the country,” the police chief said.

He pointed out that youth crimes in the country are increasing as a result of immature choices and disengaged parenting.

A standard operating procedure for dealing with Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL), and a youth resiliency skills development curriculum for those admitted in RBP’s youth development and rehabilitation centre, has been developed in collaboration with the Bhutan Youth Development Fund (YDF) and Save the Children.

The discussion will also endorse strategies to enhance coordination and community engagement for preventive measures.

The police chief said that the superintendents and officers-in-charge will be best aware of the needs of neighbourhoods, and that other departments at the headquarters must support their efforts.

The police chief also said that wilful incompetence will not be ignored and good work will be recognised while honest mistakes will be dealt differently from misconduct.

“You must be the custodians of the honour of policing. I not only expect you to refrain from misconduct, I expect you to prevent it,” he said. “Too often, we in the police are defined by our worst examples, not our best. Every act of misconduct undermines respect for everyone who wears a police uniform.”

He said that the RBP would use every tool at their disposal to create a safe community. But he added that the communities must also do their part.

Consultative and coordination sessions will also be held with the judiciary, Office of the Attorney General, Anti-Corruption Commission, YDF and other key stakeholders attended the conference.

Dechen Tshomo