Chhimi Dema  

The number of recorded crimes in 2021 decreased by 263 in comparison to the number in 2020.

Police recorded 2,818 criminal cases last year.

The highest cases in 2021 were recorded in Thimphu with 1,185 cases, followed by Punakha (271 crime cases), Sarpang with 210 cases, and Wangdue (188 cases). The lowest was recorded in Gasa with 14 cases in 2021.

Battery made up the highest percentage of the cases for both years.

After battery, offences such as larceny, burglary, offence of substance abuse, breach of public order and tranquillity, harassment, deceptive practices, auto-stripping, malicious mischief, and rape of a child above 12 years were recorded in 2021.

Last year, the police dealt with 800 cases of battery, 268 of larceny, and 222 of burglary.

Records with the police show that people aged between 35 to 39 were arrested the most in 2021 and 2020.

The police investigated 2,233 cases in 2021.

RBP‘s Colonel Pasang Dorji of Crime and Operations,  said that consolidated effort from society and individuals could reduce the crime by almost 50 percent.

He said that social factors such as unemployment were among the contributing factors.

Pasang Dorji said that with the increasing number of frustrated individuals in society, there will be more criminal cases in the future.

“It is an individual’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is acting in a safe manner. It is a society’s responsibility to provide support to those who need help,” he said.