LG: The absence of Gewog Administrative Officers (GAO) in four gewogs of Dagana has made it difficult for local leaders to complete their development related works on time.

For months, four gewogs out of the 14 in Dagana have been without GAOs, the local leaders raised at the seventh dzongkhag tshogdu.

Kana Gup Lhawang Dorji said that the gewog’s administrative officer was transferred since May this year and have not yet received a replacement.

“Without a GAO, the gup, mangmi and gaydrung have been shouldering all the responsibilities of the GAO and we are always short of manpower in completing our works,” he said.

He said GAOs are more qualified and that they have been doing all the paper works regarding development activities in the gewog.

Gozhi Gup Prem Kumar Dahal said that the gewog’s administrative officer left for studies since July.

“I had to run after officials I know to prepare a report for the mid-term review,” he said. “For the convenience of gewogs administration, the vacancy should be filled in immediately.”

He added that with the up coming elections, it is important to have all GAOs in station because they are responsible for the gewog administration when all elected members resign.

Dzongkhag human resources officer Sonam Yangzom said she has put up the issue with the local government department.

“Officials at the local government department said transfers are usually done in December and January and that they can look into the issue that time,” she said.

The tshogdu decided to submit the issue to the local government department immediately for replacements to be sent as soon as possible.

Yeshey Dema, Dagana