Rinchen Zangmo | Tsirang

Dagana’s National Day was celebrated in Tshangkha Central School.

The celebration was held in different central schools since 2017.

Dagana’s information and technology officer, Karma Denkar, said that the central schools take turns to host the celebration. “It is to provide an opportunity to celebrate the important event to every central school. Through the celebration, there would be opportunities for development in the area.”

Officials said that people in remote places find difficult to reach the dzongkhag administration when the celebration is held in dzongkhag headquarters.

Karma Denkar said that teachers and students were involved in most of the cultural programmes at the event. During the event, academic excellence certificates were also provided to toppers of the school.

Tug of war and other games were played during the event. Mask dances were performed by students and teachers from Drujeygang Central School.

It was learnt that four schools made pledges about their goals for achievements for the next academic year, which included reading 45 books individually in a year, and achieving 100 percent pass result in Class XII.

Meanwhile, people from 12 gewogs of Tsirang to came together and celebrated the 112th National Day in Tsirang in the dzongkhag. People gathered in the sports ground by as early as 7:30am

Pema Tashi from Tsirangtoed said he came with his family to be a part of the celebration, as there are cultural programmes, lottery draw and competition among gewogs.

The dzongkhag’s cultural officer, Kelzang Jamtsho, said although prizes were not attractive, the lottery draw was an attempt to keeping people engaged throughout the celebration. The best three cultural programmes were also awarded cash prizes.

An archery song performed by Rangthangling gewog won the first prize.

Besides the cultural dances, there were exhibition of agricultural products such as kiwi wine, kiwi jams, dollay pickles, and ground apples.

A food stall was also displayed at the event, which ran of stock nearing noon.

A team of about 12 health officials was at the event providing medical checkups for blood pressure and blood test for diabetes and Human Immuno Virus (HIV).

A football match was also played to celebrate the day.