Choki Wangmo | Tsirang

With Dagana-Wangdue road finally connected at Laptsakarchu in Tseza gewog and Kamina in Darkar gewog, residents are excited and hopeful about the future.

With the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two dzongkhags, the construction of 20.29km road was started in January last year.

Dagana dzongkhag constructed 12km from Laptsakarchu in Tseza; 8.29km road from Wogayna village in Dakar was constructed by Wangdue dzongkhag.

Principal engineer of Dagana dzongkhag, Jamyang Dorji, said that the road would be open to traffic by mid next month if the monsoon does not cause disruptions. “Continuous rainfall and transporting fuel from Dagapela impeded the work progress.”

He said that with formation cuttings complete, the two dzongkhags would now have to carry out back-cutting and widening works.

Residents received the news with excitement. Many plan to start small businesses once the highway is complete.

A Tseza gewog resident, Gyem Dorji said that his remote village would be developed with increased access to amenities and market. He is from Tongzhu. “Like me, villagers are happy and have plans to start shops along the roadside.”

His house is next to the new highway.

Dagaps, particularly from near the dzong area, can now directly reach Kamichu in Wangdue without having to travel through Dagana-Sunkosh road.

Tseza gup, Samten Jamtsho, said that people travelling to Thimphu can complete the journey within a day via the new road. “We save two hours and will have to drive only 75km till Kamichu, not having to waste 87km drive till Sunkosh.”

He said that the road would not only help in domestic tourism boost but would also provide safe and active transportation route to people. “Once completed, it is expected that the road would help in local economy development in Dagana, Wangdue, and the neighbouring dzongkhags.”