Nima Wangdi 

At the question hour at the National Assembly yesterday, Lyonchhen Dr Lotay Tshering said that the daily wage raise for the national work force (NWF) would depend on the domestic revenue.

Lhamoidzingkha MP Hemant Gurung asked when it would be raised, adding that the matter was not included in the 2019 pay revision. “The issue was submitted to the Lyonchhen, who said that it would be increased soon.

The MP said the inflation has affected the livelihood of the NWFs.

Lyonchhen said that the government wants to give the raise “but we should also ask ourselves if we are capable of doing it going by the present state of economy … I see no possibility for the daily wage raise for the NWFs for now as our domestic revenue is low.”

He said that there are around 2,800 NWFs, of which all the skilled ones were given the raise some three years ago. They are now working at the dzong construction sites.

“Only about 1,500 unskilled workers, who are working along the roads, are being left out,” Lyonchhen said. “They are paid Nu 215 a day and the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Works and Human Settlement have submitted a proposal to raise the daily wage between Nu 420 and 450 a day.”

Lyonchhen said that raise would be given after domestic revenue grows.

Raising NWF’s daily wage is one of the pledges of the government.