Dairy: A milk booth centre has been constructed and inaugurated in Phuentsholing town to help dairy farmers groups of  Sampheling and Phuentsholing gewogs.

Representatives of the two dairy groups said that such an initiative would immensely benefit the farmers in the gewogs.

The chairman with Sampheling Miday Gonor Gongphel Detshen  (SMGGD), Birkha Bahadur Rai, said the dairy centre would give them the opportunity to work and sell at counters that have better facilities.

“It would be easy to sell the milk,” the chairman said.

As the milk centre is located adjacent to the vegetable market, sales would be better, Birkha Bahadur Rai said.

SMGGD has 38 registered members. However, the group has more than 56 suppliers altogether.

SMGGD collects about 1,100 to 1,200 litres of milk a day. Registered members and other suppliers have about 150 cows in the group and the number is expected to increase, chairman Birkha Bahadur Rai said.

Meanwhile, as there are two dairy groups, the milk centre has two separate counters. These counters have water and other facilities that are required.

Chariman of Phuentsholing Gonor Chithuen Detshen (PGCD), Padam Bahadur Ghalley, also said that the dairy centre will benefit farmers.

“Our group will have more cows very soon,” he said.

PGCD currently has 27 registered members and supplies more than 300 litres of milk a day. PGCD will add 25 cows by next month.

Farmers make between Nu 5,000 and Nu 20,000 a month. Dzongkhag livestock officer (DLO) under the department of livestock sector, Padam Bahadur Gurung, said:  “This is a good place for them to market,” he said. “Until today they used to rent.”

DLO also said that the government is supporting farmers with 30 percent subsidy to buy cows today. It is about Nu 20,000 per cow in buying and insuring.

Currently, there are six dairy farmers groups in Chukha that are all operational.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing