The milk marketing group’s work place in Pemathang gewog

Dairy group explores market in India

The milk marketing group of Samdrupjongkhar’s Pemathang Gewog can now  sell milk in Dhimakhushi in Assam, India.

Pemathang gewog’s livestock officer, Kinley Phurpa, helped the group to find market in Dhimakhushi after the group could not sell their milk in Samdrupjongkhar because of excess supply from Gomdar, Morong, Orong, and Dewathang.

Kinley Phurpa said that farmers formed the group in 2016 but could not  produce any dairy products because of the lack of machines.

The group is facing milk shortage now because they are not able to supply more than 200 litres milk everyday. We are trying to meet the demand of at least 500 litres,” Kinley Phurpa said.

There are 112 members in the group but only about 40 members contribute milk to the group.

“The group buys milk from farmers at Nu 30 and sells at Nu 39. Now the group sells milk worth Nu 200,000 a month,” Kinley Phurpa said.

He said that since the group has no vehicle, they have hired a Bolero pickup truck for Nu 30,000 a month to supply milk to Dhimakhushi.

Livestock department has installed chiller machine, butter churner and cream separator with support from Commercial Agriculture and Resilient Livelihoods Enhancement Programme (CARLEP) project.

Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupcholing

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  1. irfan
    irfan says:

    A few things can actually be planned on wheels only. That’s when space required and installation of other engineering facilities, including machinery, are not causing any concerns as well as challenges termed impossible. The simple idea here is whether it’s a possibility to have a few machinery installed and running directly on wheels for processing the milks. But that will require sincere and detailed observations, studies, management analysis and decisions where even policies in place need to be discussed. Still, a few things can be thought about getting planned differently.

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