Kuensel learnt he has left for Australia

LG: Dangchu gewog in Wangduephodrang has been without a gup since November 15, after the recently elected gup resigned and left for Australia as a dependent of his wife who is studying in Australia.

According to election officials, former Dangchu gup Sonam Dorji had submitted his  resignation to the dzongkhag tshogdu chairperson reasoning that he wants to continue his education.

The dzongkhag tshogdu chairperson accepted the resignation as per the Local Government Act. “A member of local government may resign by submitting a letter of resignation to the dzongkhag tshogdu chairperson,” the election Act states.

Election officials in Wangdue said they have informed the Department of Local Governance (DLG) about the gup’s resignation. The DLG will also write to the election commission calling for a by-election in the gewog.

Election officials said as per the election Act, the by-election of a local leader should be conducted 30 days after the post has been declared vacant by the election commission.

According to sources, at least four eligible candidates are gearing up to contest for the vacant post, including some former candidates who contested in the recent election.

The gewog has also been functioning without an administration officer for more than seven months. It also has a vacant tshogpa post in Usegang chiwog, after the lone tshogpa candidate failed to secure enough votes during the election.

Meanwhile, Kashi gewog’s Lenbi chiwog also does not have a tshogpa. There was not even a single candidate contesting for the post during the recent local government election.

Election officials said a by-election for the vacant tshogpa posts would be held along with all other dzongkhags.

Dawa Gyelmo |  Wangduephodrang