Nim Dorji | Trongsa

If delivering public services is to be strengthened, the construction of a grade I basic health unit (BHU) in Dangdung is a bad example to follow.

Six years on, the BHU that could have catered to about 400 households, is still being built.  People of Langthel and Drakteng gewogs, would be beneficiaries, the construction began in 2014 and was supposed to complete in three years, by 2017.

“It is almost six years now but the BHU is still not operational,” a Langthel resident said.

Funded by Mangdechu Hydro Power Project (MHPA) with a budget of Nu 57 million, the health was to cater to the increasing population in the area including staffs of MHPA and Korphu gewog residents.

The BHU will have one medical officer with nursing facilities, X-ray, dental, ultrasound and diagnostic lab facilities.

Health officials explained that the delay was caused because the first contractor failed to complete the work on time. “The contract was terminated and the work was awarded to a new contractor,” an official said.

The new contractor was supposed to complete the works last year and BHU was expected to provide service by end of October.

It was learnt that the contractor also failed to complete the work on time. The deadline was pushed to January this year.

As of now, construction of the main building and doctor’s quarter along with the four-units of staff quarter are completed.

Officials said other packages, which includes the construction of two blocks with four-unit staff quarter along with footpath and drainage are also completed except for some minor works. “We intend to provide service by March if there is no failure from the contractor side,” a health official said.

Dzongkhag health officer, Dorji Gyeltshen, said nurses and medical supplies have already arrived. “The nurses are attached with the Trongsa hospital and the doctor is engaged in induction course and will reach by the end of the month.”

Meanwhile, people say they are waiting for the new BHU to become operational so that they could avail better health facilities.