People of Langthel gewog in Trongsa might earn additional income if the cardamom plantation trial goes successfully.

A five-member farmer’s group in Dangdung village will plant cardamom on trial on a land belonging to a private individual.

As of now, members are transporting sand for water tank construction. They have completed digging about 400 pits in the two acres of land already. The area is also properly fenced.

The members have also connected water pipes.

The group in-charge, Lhendup, 55, said he is optimistic that the cardamom would grow and yield well.

He said he had received good feedback.

“It should grow and fruit well since I will be spraying enough water,” he said.

The group also intends to plant fruits like orange, guava, mango and jackfruit.

Lhendup said he proposed the gewog administration for the plantation and Mangdechu Hydroelectric Project Authority (MHPA) is funding it through the dzongkhag administration.

“We are procuring materials like barbed wires, water pipe, cement and saplings but MHPA is bearing the cost,” he said.

He said the group is planning to plant 300 cardamom plants and 500 other fruit trees. “I will collect the saplings soon from Gelephu,” he said.

Explaining why the group is switching to cash crops, Lhendup said it would be difficult for farmers to sustain by farming as manpower in the villages are decreasing with children going to school.

“It was also difficult to guard crops against the wild animals,” he said.

Nima Wangdi | Trongsa