Connectivity: A  DANTAK personnel was killed when a landslide hit the truck he was driving. The DANTAK personnel had been employed in clearing a previous slide, according to a press release issued by the project.

DANTAK personnel cleared 11 land slides in the eastern region and opened the eastern highway by yesterday evening.

It is pointed out that damage on the Thimphu – Phuentsholing highway has been “graver” and between Phuentsholing and Takthi, the highway has been damaged at a number of places.

Out of the eight slides on this section, seven were cleared by 7pm, the press release states. Work is in progress and is being monitored by the chief engineer of DANTAK.

“The section between KM 20.5 and KM 23 is the worst affected wherein a portion of the road has been washed away with barely adequate width remaining for light vehicles to pass through,” it is stated in the press release.

“Efforts are underway and will continue through the night to cut into the hill side and make additional width available so as to ensure that the road becomes through for all types of vehicular traffic by Saturday,” it is said.

As of last night, movement of vehicles was not possible beyond Gedu from the Thimphu side, and beyond Sorchen from the Phuentsholing side.

“All resources at the disposal of the project have been deployed to restore normal vehicular traffic,” it is added.

DANTAK will be updating the public on road conditions through BBS.

Staff reporter