Festival: The navratri festival (Durga puja) concluded at the Durga mandir in Thimphu yesterday.

Information and communications minister DN Dhungyel, Speaker Jigme Zangpo and cabinet ministers among other dignitaries attended the concluding ceremony. Members of the public also attended the ceremony.

During navratri, which means nine nights, devotees worship Goddess Durga. “Prayers were dedicated for the good health, well-being and long life of our beloved Gyalsey,” chief co-ordinator of the puja, Dipendra Giri, said.

The tenth day of the festival, today, is celebrated as Dasain with Tika. The festival symbolises the victory of good over evil.

This year, organisors said, is a “remarkable year” in the history of Bhutan with the Birth of The Gyalsey.

Durga puja is celebrated every year in Thimphu. Organisers said the festival was celebrated with “great joy and enthusiasm”.

“Receiving Tika from elders and performing the navratri puja means empowering ourselves in controlling mind, body and speech and suppressing the demonic evils in us such as anger, contempt and jealousy,”  Dipendra Giri said.

MB Subba