LG: Dawathang  (Dzongsar) chiwog of Tendu gewog in Samtse does not have a tshogpa candidate. The chiwog’s former tshogpa, Suraj Rai, is contesting for the gup post.

The villagers of Dawathang are hopeful that someone will step up to contest for the post.

Dawathang resident, Indra Bahadur Gurung, said it is worrying that the chiwog is without a tshogpa contestant.

“This is a very important position,” he said, adding that not having a tshogpa means lack of information. “Every other issue is tabled to discussion by a tshogpa.”

Keeping control of small and petty issues such as conflicts, collection of taxes, and arrangements during official visits will be difficult without a tshogpa in the chiwog, Indra Bahadur Gurung said. Although there are enough people in the chiwog, he said that most of the capable ones were either away from home or underage.

Thakur Maya Rai, another Dawathang resident, said that most of those eligible were in urban areas. She said they are reluctant to return and live in the village.

Dawathang has more than 700 eligible voters.

Rajesh Rai | Tendu

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