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Every winter, as most water sources dry, more than 140 households in Khamed chiwog, Jigmecholing laid private pipelines to tap groundwater for drinking.

Residents of Khamed chiwog face acute drinking water shortage in winter. The communities come together to tap other nearby water sources.

The water project will benefit over 140 households in Khamed, Jigmecholing

However, this would be the last winter that they experience the problem. In about three months, the people of Khamed will have a reliable drinking supply with the start of the De-Suung water project in the gewog. The project is expected to benefit over 700 people in Khamed chiwog.

The water project in Khamed is the second water project in Sarpang after the Taraythang irrigation water project initiated under De-Suung National Service.

More than 50 Desuups would be deployed for the project.

The project is expected to cost Nu 7.15 million, which involves building two intake tanks, two reservoirs tanks, more than 100 numbers of tap stands, over a seven-kilometre long water supply line, and more than 9 kilometres of distribution line.

Gewog administration officer, Dupten Tshering said that the water sources were washed away during summer. “There are no reliable water sources in the chiwog. The water problem worsens during winter,” he said.

A resident from Jigmecholing Leki Wangchuk said the government supported various projects but could not solve the drinking water problem. “We are hopeful that there would be a continuous supply of water here on. There are some households without proper water supply,” he said.

Officials from dzongkhag, gewog, and dungkhag attended the inauguration of the water project on Saturday. Sachu Bumter was also installed at the Kabreychhu, which is located about 35 minutes away from the gewog centre.

The water source at Kabreychhu is about 15 minutes walk from the road points. The trail leading to the water source is rarely used and to climb down a hill before reaching the source.

Some areas on the trail are narrow that could barely fit a person at a time.