… affected families are temporarily housed in hotels in Thimphu

KP Sharma 

To show gratitude and thank the Royal Bhutan Army for their sacrifices in safeguarding the country, more than 200 de-duups are supporting the RBA reconstruct houses lost to fire on March 9.

The fire, which started from one of the units of the RBA camp, razed more than 90 units of semi-permanent structures in Lungtenphu, Thimphu.

The de-suung officials involved in the reconstruction project said that de-suups have begun the clearing the remains of the burnt houses.

Reconstruction is expected to begin soon.

“De-suups are enhancing the human resource to speed up the construction,” said an official. “The affected families will get a shelter over their heads very soon.”

The affected families are temporarily housed in hotels in Thimphu.

A de-suung official said that de-suups helping the RBA in this project is a mark of gratitude for training a large number of volunteers in the country.   

According to NHDCL, all the necessary support is being provided to the families who lost their belonging to the fire; many people have come forward to help the affected families with cash and in kind.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated by the Royal Bhutan Police.