The project is expected to help desuups learn all aspects of urban water supply infrastructure

Nima | Gelephu

The De-suung National Service’s water project in Gelephu,  launched on April 22, would not only provide water to the people, but also offer a unique opportunity to desuups to learn all aspects of water supply schemes.

The desuups would work under the technical guidance and supervision of foreign and domestic experts.

The project, estimated to cost Nu 477 million and involve more than 350 desuups, is  the largest water project desuups undertaken so far.

According to a press release from Gelephu thromde, the project focuses on mechanisation and use of specialised equipment during the construction process to enhance efficiency and quality of work.

“It would use cable crane and trenching machines in addition to the regular equipment and machines to enhance the pace of work,” it stated.

It also stated that Desuups would gain valuable skills in the construction of all components involved in the urban water supply scheme in the project. “Desuups will construct a complex water treatment plant for the first time.”

Once completed, the water project would benefit the rapidly growing population of Gelephu thromde and the people in Samtenling and Gelephu gewogs.  

Residents of Gelephu thromde, Samtenling and Gelephu gewogs face water shortages both in summer and winter as recurrent floods disturb existing water supply system in summer and drying water sources and streams kept the town dry in winter.

According to the press release, the project is designed for 30 years targeting a future threshold population of 83,542. “At the peak of deployment, the project is expected to engage over 350 desuups. This is a significant increase compared to all De-suung National Service water projects.”

Officials from Gelephu thromde said that preparing detailed water project reports and the mobilising fund took almost two years.

“It is expected that Gelephu would never experience any water crisis once the project is commissioned,” an official said.

The project is aimed at imparting valuable training in developing large-scale infrastructure at every stage of the water supply system, including water source, conveyance, treatment and distribution.

According to the press release, besides large structures, the project is also complex due to the installation of advanced filtration technology and the challenging terrain along which the water pipeline needs to be laid.

Gelephu thromde officials claimed the water project would encourage people to settle in new local area plans (LAP) and boost economic activities where most plots in Gelephu thromde and peri-urban areas in Gelephu and Samtenling gewogs are vacant today because of reliable drinking water supply.

Meanwhile, 23 irrigation and drinking water projects were completed in all the 20 dzongkhags since the start of the first water project under the De-suung National Service in November 2020.