Gup claims people should clear debris

Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

With water taps in front of houses remaining dry, residents of Gosheri village in Khar gewog, Pemagatshel, walk for about 15 minutes to fetch water from the nearest pond.

Villagers have been grappling with drinking water shortages for more than two years.

Starting the chore early in the morning, most villagers fetch water three times a day.

A villager, Norbu Jamtsho, 44, said that although the village is connected with a water supply, it does not benefit them as they do not get enough water.

He said water intake and pipelines get blocked by the debris in summer and ice in winter.

The village has about 34 households.

Another resident, Sonam, 35, said it has been more than two years since they cannot cultivate vegetables for commercial use because of water shortage.

“We do not even have enough water for drinking today,” she said.

Sonam said they tried to clear the blocks in the pipelines but could not. “We reported the matter to the gewog through tshogpa and gewog provided us pipes, but was not adequate.”

Villagers said without water at home, it is impossible to carry out daily chores at home and difficult to maintain cleanliness.

They said it is now time for the gewog to address the water issues in the village as it becomes worse in summer. “It would help if the gewog could look for other sources as water is less at sources.”

Khar gewog gup, Jamtsho, said the gewog administration provided villagers with pipes to connect the village from Manidrang as people requested for pipes during the recent meeting.

He said that the gewog would propose a budget for drinking water if it is required. “But people should also take up their responsibilities to clear the debris in the intake and pipelines.”