Coronation Cup defending champions, team Magics continued their winning streak beating team Effects in the opening match of the annual basketball tournament July 1.

Team Effects put a decent fight but the champions prevailed by winning with three baskets and the game ended 58-52.

Team Phojas, last year’s runners up also secured their win in their first match against team Drukpas.

Team Drukpas had the chance to snatch a win leading the match with two baskets half way through the third quarter. Team Phojas fought back with much improved agility and speed towards the end of the game winning 62-53.

Zhoems lost to Jachungs 72-81, and team Wizards trounced Glaciers 62-48.

The first match for the women’s team was played between Gonjas and Lady Hawks. Gonjas had an obvious advantage of height and overall strength in the game.

They won most of the rebounds and shoots near the baskets. Lady Hawks could hardly pass the defenders of Gonjas given their height. Gonjas won the match with the final score 74-10.

Later, team Taras thrashed team BOC with the score 51-16.

The Coronation Cup held at swimming pool indoor basketball court has more teams participating in the championship this year.

There are 37 men’s teams and six women’s team. There were 24 men’s team and four women’s team playing in the tournament last year.

The average number of teams participating in the tournament is about 35 every year. The tournament is the most prestigious and the biggest tournament in the country organised by Bhutan Basketball Federation.

Held in honour of His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyalpo’s coronation, it is a befitting tribute to the Great Fourth’s love and passion for the game. The coronation cup started in the early 1990s.

The tournament ends on August 9.