Rain leaked through the stadium’s roof during the final match between Delinquents and Nordics

It was a slippery Pepsi B-league final match between Delinquents and Nordics in Thimphu yesterday.

Players fell as the rain that leaked through the roof of the swimming pool indoor stadium hit the court.

The intense game kept the packed stadium gripped but officials had to frequently put the game on hold as players started to slip on the court during the third quarter.

Delinquents were leading the score by one and a half baskets by the end of second quarter. The quarter ended 36-33 in favor of Delinquents. The team that finished runners-up in the Coronation cup defeated Nordics 98-89.

The two teams have qualified to play in the Pepsi A-league. The federation would support the teams with Nu 10,000 each.

In the women’s final, Taras humbled B.Ballers 55-32. Skipper Tashi Euden Wangchuk, who won the highest score in the semi-final, opened the scoring with a three-pointer. The team of tall and young squads took hold of the game since the tip-off with fast-paced counter attacks and several three-pointers from the skipper.

However, Taras lead in the early quarter slowed as they suffered team fouls. The situation helped B.Ballers squads that struggled to find an opener. The first quarter ended 16-9 in favor of Taras.

Taras started with a slow and composed play in the later quarter to avoid the earlier situation. This helped Pem Choki of B.Ballers squad find scoring chances with less effort required to control and break through Taras defense. The chase was reduced to 24-20 by the end of the second quarter.

The situation pressured Taras in the third quarter. However, Taras stood strong in the defensive line with Nyima Selden Dorji stopping several shots of B.Ballers squads. Team Taras took the lead with a score of 41-24 but the quarters saw Yeshey Om of Taras sent off by the court officials.

B.Ballers squads struggled to find baskets in the final quarter while three-pointer and lay-up shots rained on its side.

Tashi Euden Wangchuk of Taras said they were worried that the team might lose again. “We gave our best today. Team work helped us win.” Taras played about two final matches in different tournaments so far.

Pem Choki of B.Ballers squads said her team could not include two starting players and there were several missed passes and inaccurate shots. “We played well but it did not work as expected. We hoped for a win.”

Over 38 men’s team and six women’s team took part in the championship including two men teams, Drukpas and Jumpers that was relegated from the A-league. However, the two failed to make a return to A-league.

The winners of the league, Delinquents won a cash prize of Nu 40,000 and the runners-up, Nordics took home Nu 30,000.

Taras won cash prize of Nu 30,000 and runners-up B.Ballers won Nu 25,000. The winners were awarded trophies too.