Jigmi Wangdi

What could come as a relief to many, the health ministry will shift the dental hospital at Taba, Thimphu back to the JDWNRH premises, giving into public pressure and complaint of inconveniences. 

Health Secretary, Pemba Wangchuk, representing the health minister, at the fourth meet the press, said that the initial idea of moving the dental hospital to Taba was to improve services. 

“We have heard many grievances from the citizens and we fully understand. Recognising these issues, we have decided to shift the hospital back,” Pemba Wangchuk said. 

Before the dental hospital is shifted back to JDWNRH, the gynaecology and pediatric wards, along with the National Medical Service, will move to the newly completed mother and child hospital. 

Dental hospital at Taba, Thimphu

The secretary said that it will take around six months to complete, adding that the structure of the current dental hospital in Taba will be used for other purposes as and when the government decides. 

Initially, the dental hospital was moved to Taba to address congestion and overcrowding at JDWNRH. 

However, soon after the move, patients started complaining about the inconvenience the location caused, especially for those coming from outside Thimphu. Some patients shared that they had to wait in line during the early hours of the day just to get an appointment. 

As the location of the dental hospital is far, many patients also said that transportation was a big challenge. 

Secretary Pemba Wangchuk said that the dental hospital moving back to JDWNRH will be able to address all the issues that the patients have shared.