Changes in the design of the two multi-level car parking (MLCP) in Thimphu, which will accommodate about 570 cars, delayed its construction, according to thromde officials.

The construction of the two structures began on September 1, 2014.

MLCP I, located at Phendey Lam near the Zangthopelri complex, was supposed to be completed by November 5 this year, and MLCP II located at Norzin Lam opposite the fuel depot, was supposed to be completed by July 1.

Thimphu thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said that change in design and its approval delayed the construction. “Design of columns and concrete mix were changed and it caused delay in the project.”

He said that the site engineers did not accept the designs drawn by the partners from Nepal.

MLCP project manager, Ugyen Lhamo, said that the designers for CE Construction Pvt Ltd, which is based in Nepal, had briefly visited the site and designed the construction in Nepal.  “When the design was put into place, it could not match the actual site. Few drawings had to be revised.”

She said that MLCP II was also delayed, as they had to shift the sewerage pipes and utility cables which emerged at the site.

The company executing the construction, KCR, set up by CE Construction Pvt Ltd in partnership with KNG Pvt Ltd and Rinson Construction, requested an extension for 243 days on June 30.

Ugyen Lhamo said that the extension date is currently under review and is yet to be decided. “A letter has been sent to International Finance Corporation (IFC), requesting for the possibility of an extension.” She said they would rely on the response to make the decision.

IFC is providing technical assistance and consultancy to thromde, which is venturing into Public-Private Partnership for the first time. KCR was also selected through IFC.

Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said that the designs are thoroughly checked by architects and engineers and are in line with the Bhutan building designs such as being earthquake resilient.

Ugyen Lhamo said that the project period is 22 years after which it would be handed over to thromde.  “We give a concept of what kind of structure to make according to which they produce the drawings, get approval and operate.”

She said that as per the terms, KCR has to finish the construction of the MLCPs within two years. “Work completion date was made according to the date of approval of the drawings.”

MLCP I has a parking space of 350 and MLCP II has 220. Both buildings will be six-storey including the basements.

Karma Cheki