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The ninth water project under DeSuung National Service launched at Taraythang gewog in Umling dungkhag, Sarpang, is expected to bring irrigation water to more than 50 acres of dry land and 10 acres of wetland.

The irrigation project is expected to benefit 24 households in Tashicholing.

Taraythang gup, Narayan Neopany, said people of Tashicholing chiwog wait for the monsoon to start working in their paddy fields. “About six households couldn’t work, as there wasn’t enough water for irrigation.”

He said the project would help farmers grow vegetables in winter and also revive wetlands left uncultivated. “The damage on irrigation will be less this time because pipes are to be used for irrigation channel.”

Sarpang rabdey’s lam neten presided over the Salang Tendrel at the water source and officials from dzongkhag, drungkhag, armed force, and gewogs were present at the launch yesterday.

The project for irrigation is executed by desuups, and implemented in collaboration with the armed forces and the agriculture ministry as the main government partner agency.

A total of 35 desuups from the 42nd, 43rd, and 44th batches are employed for a period of three months, according to a press release from the drungkhag.

The project involves the construction of a 1.7km high-density polythene pipeline as a conveyance from the intake weir, as well as an internal distribution system within the command area.

The estimated cost of the project is more than Nu 7 million.

Umling drungkhag will support the execution of the project on a day-to-day basis.  The agriculture ministry will provide technical support.

The irrigation scheme will be handed over to the gewog and the beneficiary community once completed.  Beneficiaries will be responsible for its operation and maintenance.

The press release stated several irrigation projects supported by the agriculture ministry are in the pipeline.

Addressing the public, Sarpang dzongdag, Lobzang Dorji, highlighted the need to take ownership of the irrigation canal, unlike the past irrigation canal that was neglected and left without proper care.

He said the government had invested a huge budget for irrigation in the past but it was damaged within a few years of completion.

“The irrigation canal shouldn’t be neglected. The community should take ownership of the irrigation canal and take care of it,” said Lobzang Dorji.