Representing His Majesty The King, the Gyalpoi Zimpon presents His Majesty’s Gold Pin to Lt. General Batoo Tshering, Chief Operations Officer of the Royal Bhutan Army

On the occasion of the 10th Desuung Raising Day, His Majesty The King’s Gold Pin, the highest pin for Desuung, was awarded to Lt. General Batoo Tshering, Chief Operations Officer of the Royal Bhutan Army.

The pin was awarded to recognise the support of the three armed forces to Desuung since its inception in 2011. The Desuung training programme, which has been held at the Military Training Centre in Tencholing since 2011, was coordinated by the Royal Bhutan Army, with MTC officers and soldiers serving as trainers and instructors. Since 2020, the accelerated Desuung Training Programme has been held at several other locations, coordinated by the RBA, RBP and RBG.

In addition, the three armed forces continue to support and partner with Desuung on all operations. The Gold pin is in appreciation of the partnership and support of the three armed forces, without which Desuung would not have been able to achieve its success of the last 10 years.

His Majesty The King’s Gold Pin was also awarded to Tashi Tobgye, Director General of Desuung. He also received a Desuung Uniform set. Tashi Tobgay trained and served as a militia officer during the 90’s, and has been serving as the DG of Desuung since its inception in 2011. The pin and uniform were presented to him by the COO, on behalf of His Majesty The King.

To celebrate the 10th Raising Day, Desuups in Thimphu and across the country received the Druk Thuksey Representational Pin, symbolising the Druk Thuksey Medal awarded to Desuups on the last National Day.  Desuups deployed across the country celebrated the occasion.

Meanwhile, Over the Losar holidays, His Majesty The King visited the Guma Water Project site in Punakha, where Desuups are working to build infrastucture to bring water to the people of three gewogs.

His Majesty spent the evening yesterday with Desuups working to build water infrastructure for the people at the Water Project site in Semjong, Tsirang. Five Water Projects, including the two mentioned earlier and three more in Saling Mongar, Dangdung Trongsa, and Geling Chhukha, respectively, are part of the Desuung National Service programme to help build infrastructure for water across the country. Three more projects are expected to commence by March 2021.