The Prime Minister told the press in a recent meeting with the representatives of the media houses that the members of the Parliament in general and the Cabinet in particular have not been sitting idly by.  The words of the prime minister so, on Friday last, were deeply reassuring.

In the many silent days since a month ago, not much seemed to be happening, except perhaps for call-ons here and there. But in these many days and weeks since the election day, the government was busy working on fine-tuning the 12th Plan, which is now almost ready. This piece of news from the prime minister is received well in the light of the bigness of the Plan and the amount of resources we have to amass.

As an aid-dependent country, things are often not easy for us to implement our planned programmes successfully. One misstep could mean a long and yawning gap to cross.

This nation is a diseased nation indeed, as prime minister said that he would focus on to healing. And that will require looking beyond one sector that is, or maybe, ailing. Cleaning of a system to proffer good health means looking at individual organs that breathe for the life of the nation. Things may be well in our hands today, but so will not be always the case.

There are things to improve at home, now more than ever, talking about which is often considered as pre-empting the government. It is, however, always preferable to forewarn ourselves than play with the prospect of having to walk in the quagmire. Pre-empting is necessary when danger is on sight because that will gain us some time to re-assess or rethink our plans and ideas that may not prove to be successful.

Now that the 12th Plan here, almost, development activities must speed up. A lot will depend on our policies.