Tshering Namgyal  | Mongar

A lone gup aspirant in Phadzong chiwog in Gongdue gewog, Mongar failed to secure a nomination yesterday. Out of 41 voters present at the dhamngoi zomdu, the candidate got 27 ‘No’ votes.

Similarly, in Peshoob chiwog in Ngatshang gewog, out of 134 voters who turned up for the dhamngoi zomdu, 83 voted ‘no’ for the only candidate. However, in Thumbari chiwog in Ngatshang gewog, a lone female candidate was nominated for gup’s post. Ugyen Yangzom got 78 ‘yes’ votes and five ‘no’ votes.

The other two candidates are Sangay Dorji from Bagla-Denkaling chiwog and Tshewang Tobgye from Daagsa-Kumadzong chiwog.

In Yadi-Yekhar chiwog in Ngatshang gewog, female candidate Sonam Lhamo was chosen over three male contestants. She secured 111 votes while her three competitors managed 48, 74, and 24 votes each.

Tshering Dorji was nominated as gup candidate from Ngatshang chiwog. The gewog has three gup candidates.

For Sherimuhung gewog, Kinga of Soenakhar-Yarab chiwog, Tashi Dhendup of Muhung-Shiling, and Yeshi Dorji of Malang-Serzhong were nominated as gup candidates.

Atola chiwog in Thangrong gewog  has a single contestant, Jigme, who secured 44 ‘yes’ votes out of 58 present and was nominated as a candidate for the chiwog. In Ngaru-Pontang chiwog, Sonam Tenzin was nominated. Chiwog zomdu in the other chiwogs will be held soon.

In Balam gewog, Neten Dorji was voted as the gup nominee from Jadoong chiwog. Candidate selection in the rest of the chiwogs is due.

For mangmi candidates, Wangchuk of Yadi-Yekhar chiwog, Tashi Dorji of Pelshoob chiwog, Yeshi Nidup of Thoombari chiwog, Dorji Rinchen of Ningala chiwog, and Pema Rinzin of Ngatshang chiwog were nominated.

In Gongdue gewog, Nidup Gyeltshen of Bagla chiwog and Rinchen Wangdi of Pekari-Yangbari chiwog were nominated for mangmi.

In Thangrong, Rinchen Wangdi of Lingkhar chiwog and Pema Thinley of Ngaru-Pontang chiwog were nominated for mangmi candidacy.

From Sherimuhung gewog, Yeshi Dorji of Malang-Serzhong chiwog and Phuntsho of Muhung chiwog were nominated for mangmi.

Edited by Tashi Dema