Staff Reporter 

In appreciation of the hoteliers, who offered their facilities as quarantine centres, DHI and companies have decided that Bhutan Power Corporate (BPC) and Bhutan Telecom Limited (BTL) will provide free electricity and free data services to all private quarantine centres. 

“The service is effective for the duration the facilities are used as quarantine centres,”  a press release from DHI stated. 

According to DHI, the decision to provide free electricity and data services to the quarantine centres was based on the request of the Prime Minister.

Lyonchhen had asked DHI to consider waiver of the electricity bill payment for hotels being used as quarantine centres and reducing the cost of data packages to support continued education with the school facilities being closed.

BPC has identified 76 establishments for free service.

“Besides making data charges free for these quarantine centres, Bhutan Telecom is at the advanced stages of discussion with the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Ministry of Education. They have generally worked out the technicalities and details,” a press release from DHI stated.

“The proposal is to provide additional data on existing data packages, which will translate into reducing the data charges per unit.”