Nim Dorji | Bumthang

More than a year after the Chhoekhor-Tang by-election in Bumthang, residents of Dhur are still waiting for the government to blacktop their 12kms farm road.

Villagers claimed that the government promised to blacktop three farm roads including the one to Dhur.

They said the road condition has worsened since the pledge, as trucks ferrying logs and stone from the two quarries and NRDCL depot use the road on a daily basis.

A villager, Sonam Dorji, said the road filled with potholes are covered with water, which turns into ice in winter. “It is risky for travellers.”

He said his vehicle, which got damaged plying on the road is still in the workshop. “Many villagers faced the same problem.”

Villagers also said the road gets muddy and slippery during the summer and slippery during winter.

Another resident, Leki, said that during the election campaign, it was pledged that it will be blacktopped soon. “It has been more than a year, but there is no sign of blacktopping here.”

He said because of the road condition, it is difficult for poor people to avail taxi service as the fare is high. “It is difficult to get a taxi even if we pay more than Nu 1,000.”

Many said it was not just their Member of Parliament, Dawa who promised the blacktop, but also the Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering.

“We saw in the media that MP assuring the road to be blacktoped by September last year, but nothing is done here,” a villager said.

Meanwhile, officials from the Department of Roads claimed that the work for blacktopping Dhur and Chhoekhortoed farm road is already awarded to a contractor in November. It has been running two months since the works has been awarded, villagers claim that nothing has been done till now.

The work is expected to complete by March 2023.