Loten Zangmo

Residents near the truck parking in Babesa were annoyed after Thimphu thromde dug up patches of the recently blacktopped road in the area.

A resident, on condition of anonymity, said the thromde completed the first layer of the blacktop on March 9, making the road smooth and dust-free. “But I was shocked to see two patches of road dug up the next day.”

Another Babesa resident said government funds go waste in such incidents. “But sadly there’s no accountability.”

Although thromde officials were not available for comment, it was learnt the patches of the road were dug up after the workers at the site covered septic tank openings with the blacktop.

Workers said they were new to the area and not aware of the septic tank. “We’re just workers and we do whatever we’re instructed to do,” a worker said.

They also said after digging up the patches of the blacktopped road, they would keep provisions for the septic tank openings and then blacktop it again. “It might take about a week but there’s a loss of government budget.”

It was learnt the thromde site engineer was not there when the first blacktopping work was executed.