Staff Reporter

In support of Bhutan’s Covid-19 vaccine deployment plan, United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) handed over ICT equipment worth over Nu 7.3 million (M) to the health ministry yesterday.

The equipment would be distributed to the health help centres (HHC) and vaccination points across the country for the smooth rollout of the vaccines.

UNDP’s support in the form of digital solutions includes the digitalisation of the Covid-19 vaccination programme and bolstering of emergency medical services response through support to the HHCs.

According to a joint press release from UNDP and the health ministry, the digital solutions were critical to ensuring quick, efficient, and safe distribution of vaccines.

“The equipment will enable the collection of real-time beneficiary data, including date of vaccination, vaccine type, dose, and potential Adverse Events Following Immunizations (AEFIs). It will also help real-time visibility of the inventory of vaccination points,” states the press release.

The HHCs would be playing a critical role during the vaccine deployment and responding to queries on the vaccination programme including AEFIs.  

This support is a part of an agreement between the UNDP and MoH towards using technology in strengthening efforts towards containment of Covid.”

UNDP Resident Representative Azusa Kubota said that the UNDP was ‘honoured’ to support Bhutan’s national Covid-19 vaccine campaign in collaboration with UNICEF and WHO.

UNDP is supporting the BVS through its regional initiative on ‘Digital Solutions for the Delivery of Covid-19 Vaccine’. The support to the HHCs is a part of the UNDP’s global Covid-19 response and recovery project funded by the Government of Japan.