Staff Reporter

Global Money Week is an annual financial awareness campaign that aims to teach children and young people about money management, saving, investing, and entrepreneurship.

Celebrating Global Money Week in schools is important for several reasons such as financial literacy, wherein students can gain valuable knowledge and skills related to financial literacy, entrepreneurship which encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and explore the idea of starting their own businesses.

This year, BNB celebrated the Global Money Week with the theme “Plan you Money, Plant your future”.  Over a period of three days starting from 22nd several schools took part in the programme.

The event consisted of quiz and art competitions, followed by other entertainment programmes with prizes and refreshment sponsored by BNB.

Financial literacy is an important skill in today’s job market, and by participating in Global Money Week activities, students can gain an overall idea of how to manage money and importance of saving. 

BNB officials said that celebrating Global Money Week in schools is an excellent way to promote financial literacy, entrepreneurship, career readiness, and social responsibility among young people. It can help students develop important life skills and prepare them for a successful financial future.