Award: The government Enterprise Architecture, e-GIF (eGovernment Interoperability Framework) of the Royal Government, led by the Department of Information Technology and Telecom (DITT), of the information and communications ministry was selected for the Open Group 2017 awards for innovation and excellence in Enterprise Architecture (EA), according to a DITT press release.

The Open Group, is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through neutral and open IT standards. The 2017 award was conducted mainly to encourage and motivate governments or organisations to come up with innovative solutions in designing and implementing effective EA against various challenges and complexities of developing economies. The award signifies the worldwide recognition and respect for e-GIF besides validating that Bhutan had adopted the international best practices in EA.

With more citizens becoming aware about their rights and responsibilities, their expectations and demand for better government services are increasing. To meet the demands of the citizens/businesses, governments across the globe, it has become necessary for the agencies to work collaboratively and share information, remaining connected and simplify the processes through use of ICT.

A highly connected and networked government allows seamless exchange of information and services among government agencies, businesses, and citizens. It is through the e-GIF framework that Bhutan derives insights and identifies key focus areas for the ICT sector that need to be strengthened or developed in support of the business goals and objectives of the Royal Government.

This award will especially help government organisations in designing and effectively implementing e-Government solutions supported by EA. Besides helping in overcoming challenges in good governance, it will guide Bhutan in achieving the objective of a connected government. “The EA will help us in laying a strong foundation for seamless service delivery; making it more transparent, timely and promoting accountability, which are the principles of the good governance pillar of GNH,” the press release stated.

The award was received by the e-GIF working team, lead by the DITT director at the Open Group India Conference held in Bengaluru India on February 8-9.

Staff reporter