Thukten Zangpo

His Majesty The King conferred the prestigious Druk Thuksey (Heart Son of Bhutan) medal to the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) yesterday, during the 116th National Day celebrations at Changlimithang.

This marks the only political party receiving the award from His Majesty.  

The medal was awarded in recognition of DNT’s exceptional services to the nation, for effectively managing the national response to the pandemic and national transformation initiatives for the long-term benefit of the people of Bhutan, during its government tenure.

Speaking on the occasion, the former Prime Minister and DNT’s president Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering, expressed his profound gratitude, saying that receiving an award from His Majesty The King is the greatest honor one could receive in life.

He added that such an honor, bestowed by His Majesty, transcends any grading or qualification.

“We did what we had to do, what we wanted to do,” Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering said of the management of Covid-19. “If His Majesty considers our efforts as true service to the nation, then it fills us with immense honor. We did not undertake these tasks to please His Majesty, but because it was our duty.”

Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering further said that as we respect the wisdom of our parents and teachers, so too should we heed the guidance of His Majesty The King. 

He added that His Majesty serves as the nation’s sole unconditional servant, dedicated solely to the long-term well-being of the country. “We must listen to him, fulfill our responsibilities, and lead meaningful lives.”

DNT, officially registered as a political party in 2013, emerged as a prominent political force in Bhutan. In the 2018 National Assembly election, it secured a significant victory, winning 30 constituencies and forming the government.

Led by surgeon Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering, the party prioritised healthcare accessibility and successfully managed the Covid-19 crisis and implemented impactful measures during their time in government.

DNT bowed out of the 2023-2024 National Assembly election race after receiving only 13.12 percent of the votes during the primary round conducted on November 30.