Nowhere has a new party beaten those established parties by a huge margin like the way Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) did in the primary elections here, the party president Lotay Tshering said in Samtse yesterday.

“All thanks to you,” he said. “I feel happy but at the same time, I’m concerned. The injury to our body can heal soon enough but one that such a divisive election causes to the country can never heal.”

He held four meetings yesterday, beginning in Goshingaon, Norbugang (Chengmari) and Yoeseltse in Phuntshogpelri-Samtse constituency and Pemaling in Tashicholing constituency.

Lotay Tshering cautioned the gathering of some people criticising his party’s pledges and manifesto. “Only listen to those elders who mean well for the community.”

The election period can also be the time when irreparable damage can be done to the country and our society, he said. “Please continue to support us as the opponent has served both in government and the opposition. They had enough opportunity to do but you be the judge if they had done enough.”

DNT president said that the party would deliver on its local pledges of building bridges, a basic health unit in Goshingaon, the chiwog only has a outreach clinic where health workers come only three times a month.

A voter, Man Bahadur Giri said that the four-neigbouring villages remain cut off for about six months in summer when the river swells and in absence of a bridge.

“We’ve to use the old footpath to Gomtu to avail any service, be it health, timber or buy basic commodities,” he said.

Lotay Tshering said the dzongkhag hospital does have a surgeon whereas there are 11 surgeons in the national referral hospital in Thimphu.

“You have to go Thimphu to remove a gallstone, and only after waiting for more than 10 days, you’ll get to meet with the surgeons,” he said. “If you are satisfied with the present services, then you can come to Thimphu, I’ll wait for you there.”

“This is 21st century, even aero planes have become outdated. If your village wishes to remain satisfied with an ORC, be my guest,” he said. “But know that we offer you the options.”

Voters also asked if his party, on forming the government, would give power to the gewog administration to approve construction of toilets, poultry coops, and sheds for livestock.

There were few questions on the census issue. Lotay Tshering said that his party would help those with the problem in processing their census and keep them updated with the process. “No party has the authority to decide on census,” he said.

Samtse and Trashigang will get the first services if the government prioritises its services according to the population.

“Our pledges are not targeted to benefit the rich or dashos in the capital but the poor and ordinary people in the villages,” he said to the gathering in Yoeseltse.

The party has also pledged to establish an agriculture college and nursing college in Samtse and Gelephu.

Reviewing the national holidays and national TV programmes in additional languages are also pledged.

The DNT president will campaign in Dophuchen-Tading and travel to Haa today.

Tshering Palden |Samtse