Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa president Lotay Tshering will end his campaign for the Parliamentary elections 2018 in his constituency in Thimphu.

Throughout the 2018 elections, he could not visit his constituency, he said and despite that the voters voted overwhelmingly in his favour.

“Their support gives me the strength to reach out to the rest of the country. I’m happy they knew what I meant,” he said.

Despite the result of the election, Lotay Tshering said he would remain thankful.

“I don’t have a written local manifesto because I know them (pledges) in my heart. I look forward to and am very excited to being an exemplary representative in the parliament.”

Lotay Tshering’s speech to the gathering besides the pledges focused on bringing the people together and fixing the rifts created by divisive politics.

DNT’s push for change has landed it in the general round and the party president has tried to push it further to secure them a victory in the general round.

“Why would you not change the government when you have the opportunity to? You’ve seen how existing ones fared so far. Now you have to find out about others in the fray, with new promises and hopes for the country.”

DNT distinguished itself as a party out-of the box. Lotay Tshering made it explicit when he said that until today political campaigns were about building roads, blacktopping them and providing electricity. “But Nyamrup wishes to bring something more, something different with emphasis on ensuring healthier and happier lives,” he said.

The DNT president began his campaign from the eastern dzongkhags, where out of the 16 constituencies, his party won only in one.

Except for few pockets in the eastern dzongkhags, voters came in droves to listen and share their grievances.

People, whom he treated, brought him milk in bottles, fruits, boiled eggs, and held his hands wishing him well in the elections.

Others came with conditions, raising their local needs such as bridges, roads, and health facilities. Former coordinators of other parties came to his meetings and pledged their support.

He travelled in boleros over bumpy roads, flew in chopper to Lunana and Laya, and met with youth, taxi drivers, and local businesspeople. He cracked jokes, answered queries – some tough and others simple, and expressed his party’s gratitude to thank the voters for their support to a new party in the primary round.

He broke down during a meeting in Mongar sharing his experience about how an anonymous social media user accused him of lying.

The bottom line of his speeches has been that only a united Bhutan can stand for perpetuity. “Going by what has transpired since 2008, I think Nyamrup is the only party that can bring people together after elections. If we win there won’t be PDP, DPT, BKP or even DNT people. There will only be Bhutanese.”

Tshering Palden  | Punakha